M.O.M for All!

Hot and fresh ‘ghar ka khaana’ is now readily available to you anytime, anywhere. For a limited period, we would like to share this wonderful experience with your entire team, completely free of charge.

Once confirmed, we will host a lunch event for all your team members at your location and even distribute some extra samples after, to spread the love. We promise to complete the event in a timely manner to ensure minimum disruption.

Kya tumhaari team ke paas ma hai?

at the office

It is indeed a great idea to introduce your team to M.O.M’s products cause who knows maybe their productivity will increase. After all a well nourished team is a happier one. Not having to wake up early to prepare lunch might just give them that extra bit of sleep. Now isn’t that a great idea?

We would like everyone to enjoy the comfort of M.O.M’s home-style food. Please email us at partner@mealofthemoment.com with your contact details to request a lunch event, and we shall get cooking!