Our Products

Through our products, we wish to give the same love to our consumers that our mothers would give us.

Our food is 100 % natural, free of any preservatives, fresh, nutrient-rich, and healthy, as it is made by a special process of dehydration.

The items have been broadly classified as Breakfast and Snack, Meals, and Desserts, but feel free to enjoy whatever you crave whenever you want.

To enjoy M.O.M’s range of ready-to-eat food products, all you have to do is pour boiling water, wait for a few minutes, and enjoy fresh food!

MOM always wants whats best for you!
Mom’s super fussy about hygiene!

Our state-of-the art facility conforms to highest international standards.

Economics is every mom’s natural talent.

We make sure we give you the most deliciously authentic ghar ka khaana at the most reasonable price.

Mom is always looking to surprise you.

Enjoy a wide variety of dishes as mom’s always cooking up something new.

Mom ka khaana, hamesha same! How?!

Just like home food, get the same delicious taste, every time.

Mom always want you to eat fresh and garam-garam!

Enjoy a piping hot, wholesome meal whenever you crave for one!

Health comes first beta

Zero added preservatives and 100% goodness! Just like MOM's khaana.

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Meal of the Moment, Simple and tasty,
just like home food.