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The time for food

Mom ki duniya mein aur humari duniya mein bahut farak hai. Times have changed. We live in the insta age. Time is a paucity, a fast depleting resource. Time doesn’t tick-tock anymore. It zip-zap-zooms. And in all this hustle-bustle what gets compromised is – khana. Humare parents used to earn to eat. We eat to earn.  

We do binge. But only Netflix. We Zomato. We Swiggy. We click and insta before we eat. We read hazar reviews before we taste. We taste and then rate with stars. Which means, we haven’t really disconnected with the most basic need of mankind, we have only complicated its status in our lives.  

We google and hunt for food deals and coupons. But get irritated with deals and coupons when they hunt us down.  

The dining table is our new work station. And the couch is our new dining table. Some Snapchat as they eat. Some code better when eating. But you’ll never find anyone - just eating.  

Single in the city. Double Income No Kids. Double Income Single Kids. We all have tags. We all have late nights. We have deadlines. We have submissions. No wonder we all crib that we have just 24 hours in a day. We are always in the middle of a battle.

But remember, no battle is won with an empty stomach. So soldier, take time out and as MOM would say Pehle Khaana Khalo.

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