Old Fashioned Rolled oats have a lower Glycemic Index (GI) than instant rolled oats which are thinner and more finely chopped. Lower GI foods help keep you feeling fuller for longer. We use the perfect blend of these two variants, which provides the ideal balance between taste, nutrition and getting you to lunch without those hunger pangs!
Assorted Oats Pack of Six
  • Rs. 112
Italian Pizza Oats - Pack of Six
  • Rs. 120
Premium Masala Oats - Pack of Six
  • Rs. 108
Tangy Tomato Oats - Pack of Six
  • Rs. 108
Italian Pizza Oats 450gm
  • Rs. 220
Tangy Tomato Oats 450gm
  • Rs. 200
Premium Masala Oats 450gm
  • Rs. 200