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    Dehydrated Weight: 145g
    Actual Weight: 305g
    Shelf life: 12 Month

    Instructions to prepare: Empty The silver pouch in the cup. Add boiling water up to the fill line & stir carefully. 

    Cover tightly, using the lid for 8 minutes. 

    Once ready, cut and pour the Schezwan gravy on.  Mix and enjoy! 

    Description: MOM calls it India ki nayi national dish. This Fried Rice is stir-fried in a wok and is mixed with some interesting ingredients that make it the perfect comfort food. Like how!

    Top it with Schezwan gravy to make it worth you're craving 

    • Just add hot water to prepare
    • Made in a 100% vegetarian facility
    • Our exclusive low-temperature drying technology keeps over 90% of the nutrients intact so your meal is as nutritious as it is tasty
    • Ambient storage, no refrigeration needed.  
    • All our recipes have been passed onto us from our mother’s and aunt's and come packed with not just oodles of flavour, but also care.