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Contract Manufacturer

The world class food processing unit of Alimento Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. located in Kota, Rajasthan boasts the truly state of the art machinery and QA systems.

We manufacture the following and can offer contract manufacturing for the same 

·   Instant dehydrated meals such as Biryani, Poha, Upma etc

.   Extruded and/or roasted flavoured snacks such as Makhanas (foxnuts), jowar/quinoa/corn puffs in various shapes

.   Seasoned nut mixes with and without oil

·   Flavoured oats – savoury / sweet 

.   Milk based cereal products

·   Instant mixes with and without fortification

The facility is equipped with completed automated and high quality manufacturing, blending, seasoning and packaging machines in addition to serious investments towards food safety automation machines which can handle bulk production with consistent quality.

We also have a senior team in place to ensure all food safety, sensory and shelf life parameters are met consistently.

Email us at for 3P/Contract Manufacturing.