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    Dehydrated Weight: 140gm
    Actual Weight: 305gm
    Serving Size: Serves 1
    Shelf life: 12 Months

    Instructions to prepare: Empty the contents of the packet; add hot water till the waterline; stir gently, and then cover the contents for the prescribed period of time. Open the lid once cooked, stir gently

    Once ready, cut and pour the Shahi gravy on.  Mix and enjoy! 

    Description : Mom ko pata hota jab aapke sapne mein biryani aati. Same day dining table par unki biryani aati. This Veg Biryani with shahi gravy overflows with traditional spices layered with long grain basmati rice and when heated just the aroma is enough to fill your stomach.

    Top it with Shahi gravy to make it worth your craving