New City. New Hunger

Migration to bigger cities is happening in hordes and hordes. India no more lives in the villages. And what’s the reason for this? Hunger. The hunger to achieve something, to educate oneself and to get a well paying job.  

At that time, I was thankful to God that my mom didn’t do the same. I felt independent. I was not a mumma’s boy. I carried my own tiffin and ate it myself too.

Life in the bigger cities is not easy, it’s tough, time consuming and draining. But it also brings in the much needed independence. No one asks you when you will come home, what will you eat. But sadly, after a couple of months, you start missing this. 

The poor hungry soul is not an imaginary phrase, it’s a reality. When you look around yourself in a cities like Hyderabad, Pune or NCR, you will find thousands of hungry souls.

Of course voh baat nahi hogi. Because the the cook or the maid who cooks is not your Mom. So you get bored of the new ghar ka khana so soon. And how much will you keep ordering in.

Isliye as you settle down in a new city, your hunt to satiate your hunger (khaane wali, kaam wali nahi) always keeps you on your toes. And don’t stress, it’s all part of growing up.